Bluegrass District Dental Hygienists' Association
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Changes to BGDDHA

October 2015

BGDDHA will be changing and growing in size over the next year! In order to protect the organization and its volunteer leaders across the board, ADHA has adopted new charters to define the operations of the state and local organizations. In March, the Board of Trustees voted to adopt the charters for this reorganization and in October, the KyDHA House of Delegates ratified these documents. What this means:

* By adopting the new charters and reorganizing our structure, we are implementing best practices for the ADHA and its constituents (state) and components (local-BGDDHA)

* This will protect ADHA and its volunteer directors and officers from personal liability for constituent and component activities

* Our state component (local-BGDDHA) structure will change- currently we have several components in parts of the state that have not been active. With the reorganization, these components will be disbanded and merged to create 3 large, active components- Western, Central and Eastern. BGDDHA will be in the Eastern Component.

* This will allow for high-quality CE courses and events in each component


**If you have any questions, please contact the BGDDHA Trustee, Melissa Kemp, by emailing